Today, 10 April the 2nd IFA Athletes Forum on the main topic “Women in Fistball” adopted after an interesting discussion the a resolution.

The IFA Athletes´ Commission under the leadership of chairwomen Katharina Lackinger prepared the 2nd IFA Athletes´ Forum. Main topic was “Women in Fistball”. The forum was covered on IFA Facebook page as well as MS Teams meeting.

The main question of this year´s forum was how we can make Fistball more attractive especially for girls/women. Several members of the IFA Athletes´ Commission made a point of statement during the forum.

IFA Secretary General Christoph Oberlehner presented a short comparison between women’s and men’s world championships as a fact check. In addition, athletes Celina Traxler, Tanja Bognar, Eric Kindler, Karin Kempinger, Sabine Suffert or Nick Trinemeier, among others, gave a speech.

In case you missed forum we provide you the recording of the session. Thank you to all our speakers.

A welcome message was given by Diane Huffman, President of WomenSport International (WSI). The Canadian is senior advisor for the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports. Her focus is partnership, organizational and policy development particularly related to influencing safe participation of girls and women in sport.

Furthermore, IFA presented its first ever Gender Equity Toolkit, that provides information about gender equity, as well as ideas / strategies especially for Fistball event organizers for consideration in order to stage events that are more gender equitable.

“Gender equity is a global topic across all areas of our lives, including Fistball”, says IFA President Jörn Verleger. “Achieving gender equity in Fistball will take time and patience. Taking a step-by-step process from start thinking about what it means over starting a conversation to implementing a strategy to promote gender equity is a long journey but it is necessary and it is worth to start this journey.”

“We would like to specially thank the World Flying Disc Federation and its WFDF Women in Sport Commission for allowing us to adopted their developed Gender Equity Toolkit for Fistball”, he added.

In 2017 WFDF and IFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on many fields as Sustainability, Anti-Doping, Ethics and Good Governance or Para-Sport activities.

An new IFA Gender Equity Quiz is online on