Within the framework of the successful IFA 2018 Fistball U18 World Championships in Roxbury / USA the IFA Youth Congress took place for the second time. R epresentatives of all present federations participated in the 2nd Youth Congress by invitation of the IFA Youth Commission. Key subjects of the congress in Roxbury were the the information of the current IFA activities and developments as well as the presentation of the new founded Fistball Academy.

With his welcome FA President Karl Weiss emphasised again the importance of the cooperation with the umbrella associations in view of the targeted IOC Recognition. Followed by this Christoph Oberlehner as the IFA Administrative Director informed about the the current IFA developments. In sports terms the implementation of a fistball women’s tournament for the first time within the framework of the coming World Games in Birmingham / Alabama / USA is a very great success. The increasing of the media coverage of fistball through the different channels as well as the intensification of the cooperation with the umbrella associations were main subjects of the IFA activities. Above that the IFA commissions worked together on new projects and the development of sustainable and forward-looking concepts with the target to promote and spread fistball.

One of these projects is the development of the new founded Fistball Academy. Uwe Schneider as the chair of the IFA Youth and Sport Commission presented the contents, the targets and the scheduled structure of the Fistball Academy. The foundation of the Fistball Academy is embedded in many changes and new structures of the IFA. The traget of the Fistball Academy is to foster the exchange of knowledge, education and communication in cooperation with the member federations of the IFA and to provide and to support new ideas for the prospective and worldwide development of fistball. For this purpose offers of knowledge, information and education will be provided to all stakeholders in a clear structure. Knowledge and information should be collected, should be new developed and should be exchanged to provide these contents on an online platform. Further on the education of players, coaches, teachers, referees, sport scientists or officials should be supported by the development of schooling modules and will be improved by practically oriented events. In addition to that the communication should be increased by the medium of the Fistball Academy between the member federations and the dialogue should be led to a cooperation and to synergies. The presentation you will find here: https://www.ifa-fistball.com/en/praesentationen/

All participants and member federations have been asked to communicate their ideas and concepts concerning the development of fistball in the youth sector and to support the setup of the Fistball Academy. Finally the proposal of reduction of the ball weights for U 14 and U 16 was discussed again. The result of the re-asking of the member federations will be integrated in the final decision.

Also within the framework of the coming IFA U 18 World Championships the next Youth Congress will take place, to which the IFA Youth and Sport Commission already invites.

IFA Youth Congress 2018 Minutes