About 400 days before the Fistball World Championship Final, the presale for the IFA Fistball Men’s World Championship 2023 started today. The Fistball highlight will take place from 22 to 29 July 2023 in Mannheim, Germany. More than 20.000 fans are expected to experience the two final match days live in the SAP Arena.

For the complete World Championship program with a total of 52 games, season tickets for all eight match days as well as preliminary round and final weekend tickets will go on sale in the first presales phase. Also going on sale now are high-quality VIP offers in the so-called Fistball Club, which will be sold exclusively through the SAP Arena.

“We want to give as many people as possible the chance to experience top Fistball live,” says Jörg Trinemeier, head of the World Championship organizing committee. “Fistball is even more dynamic live than on TV,” said International Fistball Association President Jörn Verleger, who is also president of the German Fistball League.

Tickets are available through the event website www.fistballmwc.com/ticketing. Season tickets are available starting at 99 euros for 8 days of the event, which is less than 13 euros per day or 1,90 euros per match. Tickets for the final round in the SAP Arena start from 49 euros for 2 days.
Presales were launched today at the extraordinary IFA Congress. In the coming weeks, the German men’s national team and, for the first time, the women’s national team will have the chance to once again prove their exceptional position in world fencing at the World Games in Birmingham (Alabama/USA). Which 15 teams will join Germany at the World Championship tournament in Mannheim in 2023 will be decided by the end of the year following the registration and qualification phase.

Although the draw and the final schedule will not take place until the spring of 2023, it is already clear that there will be no parallel matches. Even in the preliminary round phase, each of the eight daily matches will be presented at Rhein-Neckar-Stadion like a highlight and produced for television. On the question of whether and to what extent the World Championship will be seen on TV, the TV coverage quota for the Fistball final of the World Games on July 14 at 9 p.m. can also be an indicator. The match will be broadcast live on Sport1.

The spectacular 2017 World Games Fistball final between Germany and Switzerland not only thrilled spectators in the stadium. The broadcast of the final reached almost 300,000 viewers on TV. SPORT1’s market share was a strong 3.0% in the SPORT1 core target group. This was the best value on all days of SPORT1-TV coverage of the World Games 2017.

“Fistball will be a big topic in July 2023, not only in Mannheim,” IFA Secretary General Christoph Oberlehner is certain. For the 2023 Fistball World Championships, one of Germany’s largest arenas will open its doors for a top-class international sporting event.