Congratulations IFA Honorary President Karl Weiss. All the best for your 70th birthday. You can look back on a successful sporting and coaching career as well as an official.

Sporting successes:
Active Fistball player from 1968 until today
With his club mates he marched through to the then State League A and achieved promotion indoors in 1978 and on the field in 1981.
4-time national champion, 4-time state champion
9-time senior state champion, 2015 world champion 60+.

Karl also looks back on a successful coaching and officiating career
In 1992, he became Austrian champion for the first time with Urfahr. As Urfahr head, he saw his sons Martin, Dietmar and Wolfgang become European Cup and World Cup winners. As ÖFBB president (from 2000), he was able to celebrate Austria’s first victory at the World Games in Akita (Japan) in 2001, and a year later Austria became European champion in Erlangen (GER). But the most emotional moment was probably when Austria won its first World Championship gold medal.

Honorary chairman FBC ASKÖ Linz Urfahr (among other things chairman from 2001 to 2013).
President of the Upper Austrian Fistball Association (2010 to 2014)
President of the Austrian Fistball Federation (2000 to 2011)
President of the International Fistball Association (2011 to 2019)
Council Member at The Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (2015 to 2021).

Special Awards:
Golden Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria (2006).
Federal Sports Organization Official of the Year 2008
Consultant of the Upper Austrian Government for Sports (2011)