In a three day session Eric Kindler from USFA and IFA Secretary General Christoph Oberlehner visited the venue and discussed with the local Organizing Committee from The World Games 2021 – Birmingham all areas and departments like Sports Competition, infrastructure, TV production, Volunteering, Marketing or Ticketing. Three days full of great meetings and an exciting site visit at the venue. We are looking forward to the World Tour Finals in Birmingham.

“One of the biggest events of our sport is coming to the US and Birmingham has some very unique advantages compared to other cities. You can expect a truly genuine southern hospitality experience and you will be able to enjoy the incredible soul food of the South! Birmingham has a rich history and in some cases not a positive one. The city has embraced it’s past and looked forward to rebrand the city without forgetting some of the things that happened. You can expect opportunities to interact with the people of Birmingham and will find that they have a curiosity for the new sports coming from The World Games.” said Eric Kindler, who is also chairman of the IFA Athletes´ Commission.

“We are very fortunate to be able to have the backing of The World Games brand and can promise one of our best marketing experiences of Fistball ever. We have a few ‘secret plans’ in the works to give the Fistball community a new untraditional environment that could bring in a larger audience to Fistball. We are looking forward to what is to come and are happy to be able to work with individuals that truly are happy to work for Fistball, and really don’t know what Fistball is beforehand. Fistball is family as we know and tradition will continue on with the World Tour Finals in Birmingham, Alabama.” added Christoph Oberlehner, IFA Secretary General.