IFA has published the Fistball Rules of the Game valid as for 1 April 2023.

Please find a summary of all changes and adaptions of the Rules of the Game in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Most of the changes are only slight modifications and clarifications of the rules, changes of the rules are marked in orange in the left column, clarifications are highlighted in green.

“Since 2019, by the World Championship in Winterthur, the IFA Referee Commission began to review about the possible and suggestable changes in the rules of the game of fistball. To make this happen several strategies were taken to understand the necessities, the opportunities and what could be done”, said IFA Sports Commission Chairman Gastao Engler.

First step was to research with the “actors” involved. In all processes we interview National coaches, international referees, doctors in exercise physiology and many players (women and men). In total we had the contribution of over 65 people.

Second step was inside the IFA Referee Commission to analyze all these papers and messages and transform that in better and clear rules for the game of fistball. Following all these study processes a draft of the changes was submitted to the IFA board to be approved. Some adjustments were made and then, the final approval was made. Important to say, right after our beginning the COVID19 pandemic took place what basically froze us for about 1,5 years at least.

In the document communicating the rule changes you will see that some of the changes are only “clarification” of the writing and don’t change the rule. They were made to clearly express the rule already exist. Some are changes regarding needs and suggestions identifying in the process. In total we have 10 “clarifications” and 8 “changes”.

“We are happy to see that this process was made by many hands, and this is what fistball is about… TOGETHERNESS! From now on we will review and recheck for improvement opportunities every year” added Engler.

The rules can be downloaded via these links:
• English: http://www.ifa-fistball.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/03_IFA-Rules-of-the-Game-2023-04-01.pdf
• German: http://www.ifa-fistball.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/03_IFA-Spielregeln-2023-04-01.pdf
• Spanish: http://www.ifa-fistball.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/03_IFA-Reglas-del-juego-Fistball-2023-04-01.pdf
• Portuguese: http://www.ifa-fistball.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/03_IFA-Regras-do-jogo-de-punhobol-2023-04-01.pdf