Fistball Federation of Australia appoints National Head Coach for upcoming 2015 Men’s Fistball World Championships in Argentina.

The Fistball Federation of Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Laurence Young as National Head Coach of the Australian National Fistball Team for their inaugural World Championship campaign in Cordoba, Argentina.

With an impressive history of leadership and coaching roles within various Australian sporting organisations, Laurence was chosen by the FiFA Board to take charge of the inexperienced Australian National Fistball Team, as they begin the journey towards their inaugural appearance at the Fistball World Championships. Drawing upon his Physical Education teaching background, in conjunction with several years of fistball experience both domestically and internationally, he is expected to have a significant impact on the development of fistball skills, fitness and strategy.

An integral playing member of the Westside Wombats in the Melbourne-based F-League since 2013, Laurence Young also acted as an official FiFA Ambassador while at the Obersee Masters in Jona, Switzerland in 2014, involving himself in advanced training sessions while also playing in and observing various high-level fistball tournaments. The knowledge gained during this visit has Laurence excited about the goals and challenges associated with coaching the Australian Fistball National Team.

On the main focus for the remaining months leading into the World Championships:
“With the official team now selected, we can now turn our focus on using the short time ahead of us to increase our training load and continue on what has already been an overwhelming improvement in our skill levels and teamwork over the last few months”


On pushing the Australian team to not just be making up the numbers in Cordoba:
“Even though it is our first World Championships, we have several players in the current team with international fistball experience gained from the 2014 Asian Fistball Championships, and as a whole we have dramatically improved our fistball skills over the last 12 months. In addition, by selecting a full squad for the tournament, we believe have added a good mix of skilful players that all add to the overall team dynamic, and we expect to push other nations in an international arena. We want to raise a few eyebrows, in a good way.”

On the source of recent improvements:
“The main focus at trainings have been on improving the consistency and effectiveness of the basic skills, and using that improvement to play better as a team to turn defence into strong attacking movements, while also develop specific tactics to improve overall performance.”

On the aims of the Australian national fistball team:
“If we continue to develop our skills through our dedication to training, I personally believe we will be capable of challenging the newer fistball nations, while competing hard against the more experienced nations. We have already formed strong rivalries with South Africa, Pakistan and India, and we look forward to giving them our best fist on the international stage. In particular, we would take some real enjoyment out of handing South Africa a demoralising, yet sportsmanlike, defeat, so we will continue to train hard to ensure that happens if the opportunity arises in November.”

The Australian Fistball Team is currently running various fundraising events and seeking major sponsor for their team. If you are interested in helping their cause, please contact the Fistball Federation of Australia via email or via their Facebook page.