In the opening match of The World Games Fistball Tournament between Germany and Argentina fistball superstar Patrick Thomas was injured in a collision with his teammate Steve Schmutzler at the beginning of the 2 set.
After an investigation at the hospital in Breslau, it is noted that Patrick Thomas has suffered a acromioclavicular joint injury and is going to return home tomorrow.
Team Germany loses with the 25-Year-old two time World and European Champion and World Games Winner 2013 the top player of the team.

Dr. Giana Hexsel, Chair of the IFA Medical and Anti-Doping Commission present in Wroclaw:
The acromioclavicular joint – not the same as the shoulder corner – is the fixed connection between the outer collarbone (Clavicula) and the scapula. Several bands hold the joint in position. His superficial position makes it vulnerable to injuries.
In the case of a shoulder corner, the ligaments are stretched or torn, which stabilize the shoulder joints and stick together. Often this happens in a crash or collision.
IFA regret about his “lesion” and wants to wish all the best for the recovery process.