Xavier is the No. 1 jersey of the American national fistball team still far too big.
No wonder – Xavier is only 6 years old.
But since he first saw fistball and played it himself, he now wants to learn this sport.
During the U18 World Championships in Roxbury, the newly founded IFA Fistball Academy established a fun court.
Under the motto “Fun with Fistball” the possibility should be offered especially for children under 10 years to get to know the sport of fistball with its basic rules and techniques and to gain first experiences.
Xavier was one of the small participants of this academy measure, had never seen fistball before.
He was there immediately with zeal and can’t get enough training since then.
Now he has been training at the Swim and Sports Club in Flanders for 2 weeks under the leadership of the President of the US Fistball Association, Bob Feid.
Who knows, maybe we’ll see Xavier again in a few years – if the American national team jersey suits him then…