IFA is proud to announce that we are partner of the TAFISA (The International Association for Sport for All) project proposal “International and European Sport Organisations Activate Citizens” which has been selected by the European Commission and will be co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union in 2021 – 2022.

The project aims to gather International and European Sport Organisations (IESOs) and develop a new delivery system that places participation in Sport for All and physical activity at its core. It will reflect on how to adapt sports, their rules, settings, delivery, etc. to the needs of target groups and grassroots sport participation, and on how IESOs can better contribute to achieve the objectives of key European and International policy papers, including, but not limited to, the WHO Global Action Plan for Physical Activity, UNESCO Kazan Action Plan, UN Sustainable Development Goals, EU Council Recommendation on HEPA, and EU Physical Activity Guidelines.

The project will be led in cooperation with the following partners:

– International Fistball Association
– International Table Tennis Federation Foundation
– World Minigolf Sport Federation
– International Dance Organisation
– Confederazione Boccistica Internazionale
– German Flying-Disc Federation
– Italian Federation of Traditional Sports and Games
– Sports Union of Slovenia

A set of resources will be developed to empower and support IESOs and their respective National Federations to adopt new strategies to promote Sport for All and physical activity participation, including the following:

– A study and report on IESOs’ needs and expectations towards the project and to better promote (and increase) participation
– An online and easily accessible platform of good practices
– An IESOs’ Sport for All and physical activity toolkit
– A “Capacity building in Sport for All and physical activity” training for IESOs staff and volunteers
– A new IESOs International Sport for All event

The project will seek to create new opportunities for citizens, especially the physically inactive, to try out and practice new sports and disciplines that are adapted to their needs.