Today IFA celebrates the International Women´s Day. First time ever IFA has elected in 2019 two female Vice Presidents by the IFA Congress in Winterthur. We asked the two elected female Vice-Presidents Dr. Giana Hexsel and Vikki Buston to make a statement on today´s International Women´s Day.

“I can feel that the IFA leadership and at least leading parts of the global Fistball Family really want to make a change regarding the reception of female events and championships. Currently we are discussing in detail if a combination of the Men´s and Women´s World Championships is possible in terms of logistical and financial issues, but telling the truth I very much like that idea”, said Vikki Buston, IFA Vice-President from New Zealand and member of the Working Group “Future of IFA Women´s events.

“It has changed a lot in the last 10 to 20 years. I played Fistball since I was a young girl on all national and international level, but I never reached the World Games as there was no Fistball Women´s event so far. I am so proud that under the leadership of our Honorary President Karl Weiss we succeeded to have an inaugural women´s event at The World Games 2021 in Birmingham/Alabama next year. This is a large step for women Fistball and will inspire young female players” added IFA Vice President Dr. Giana Hexsel from Brasil.