This month’s International Testing Agency (ITA) webinar will focus on the doping control process. IFA is working together with ITA in anti-doping issues.

ITA will cover a variety of scenarios that can occur during sample collection – from delays to partial and diluted samples to modifications to the process. All these and other questions will be answered by experienced Doping Control Officers – and they will leave plenty of time for questions from participants.

This is the second webinar of the 2021 monthly series delivered by the International Testing Agency (ITA) in collaboration with Informed Sport & Informed Choice.

Each month, anti-doping experts are joined by an athlete guest to discuss key anti-doping topic relevant to athletes and athlete support personnel.

All webinars are free and accessible to any interested member of the global sports community.

Speakers include: Jasmina Glad-Schrever, International DCO & Trainer Taja Petric International DCO Janice Lyn Professional Muaythai Athlete Olya Abasolo, OLY, ITA Education Manager

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