Match of the day goes to Brazil
In the last match of Day 2 the big crowd at Birmingham Southern College saw a match full of well executed rallies between Germany and Brazil. In the end Brazil showed more passion and will to win the game as Germany struggled to crack the Brazilian defense.
Foto: Moritz Kaufmann / IFA


Austria overcomes Switzerland
In a tight match Austria made the big points and took away the victory. Switzerland kept up really well but was not awarded for the hard fight.


Brazil overtakes Austria in the group phase
While Austria doesn’t find it’s way into the match, Brazil shows off a great performance. The result is a clear win for the South Americans.
Foto: Moritz Kaufmann / IFA


Italy wins over USA with a solid performance
Even though the US team fought hard the fight was not rewarded with a set win. The italians displayed their experience all over the match with a controlled, mistake free performance.
Foto: Moritz Kaufmann / IFA


Reigning Champion Germany defeats young Swiss team in preliminary round
Even though Switzerland started off as a rocket into the first set and made the Germans sweat, the current world champions returned into the game as it continued. So Germany also wins their second match in Birmingham.
Foto: Moritz Kaufmann / IFA


South American showdown – Chile beats Argentina in preliminary round
In the first match of Day 2 at The World Games Chile defeats Argentina in a tight match. Both teams started off very well and went through a tough fight. In the third set Argentina lost the thread, Chile took the chance and secured their 3:0 win.
Foto: Moritz Kaufmann / IFA