Germany strikes again!
For the third time in a row Germany wins the men’s gold medal at the World Games. The German team dominated the tournament once again. In the final Switzerland played a good match but couldn’t uphold their performance the whole durance of the match. Still the Swiss team played a great World Games tournament and earned another silver medal after their women’s team.

Foto: Valentin Weber / IFA


Germany is the first ever women’s World Games Champion!
Germany is the first ever women’s World Games Champion!
In a thrilling match, Switzerland started as a rocket. The Swiss team dominated the first two sets but then Germany came back and turned the game in their favour. Both teams played high class fistball showing off how great of a sport fistball is. In a day full of amazing matches, this game fit right in.

Foto: Valentin Weber / IFA


Brazil wins dramatic bronze medal match!
In a thrilling game against Austria, Brazil takes the win. Only five balls were played before the game had to be delayed due to lightning in the nearby area. After an almost 3 hour long break, the match was continued. And what a match it was! The spectators in Birmingham saw a bronze medal match full of spectacular rallies.
Throughout the game both teams were going head to head, with no telling who would win. In the end, Brazil pulled through, winning with 3:2.

Foto: Valentin Weber / IFA


Italy takes fifth place at The World Games 2022!
With a solid performance the Italian team takes the victory over Chile in the placement match for the fifth place. Italy took the lead in every set leaving the Chileans little place to show off their skills.

Foto: Moritz Kaufmann / IFA