WINTERTHUR. The 12 best teams played the first round of double elimination today. The Austrian’s almost had the biggest upset of the competition when they were put on the spot by Chile. The Chileans came to centre court firing on all cylinders at 1630 today.  In the end Austria managed to lift their game and won 3:2. The top four favourites in the competition are still in front but with everything to play for, the lower placed teams will be fighting hard tomorrow to try to make it into the top ten. Belgium had their first win of the tournament beating The Netherlands 3:0 in the President’s Cup. Tomorrow: Germany are playing Brazil at 1900 and Austria will face Switzerland at 2015 with both games streaming live from centre court.

Austria fights hard to beat Chile

Chile played great fistball today and almost upset the Austrian team. The young team of coach Martin Weiß didn’t give up and managed to hold on winning the game 3:2. The Chileans were on fire and it looked as though they would beat the favourites more than once. Youth and determination won out on the day however and the Austrian’s proceed through undefeated. Austria – Chile 3-2 (10:12, 11:9, 9:11, 11:6, 11:6)

Germany, Brazil and Switzerland winUnlike Austria the other three teams in the top ten beat their opposition 3:0. Germany looked to be struggling against the USA at times but played with determination to win. Brazil looked comfortable but will need to pick up their game if they want to continue to do well in the next rounds. Switzerland were the team that looked most at home winning each set convincingly.

Argentina play Namibia and Chile play New ZealandBoth newcomers to the top 12 went down to their opposition this afternoon but can take heart from their performances. New Zealand in particular played well and even won a set against the South American side. New Zealand will play Italy and Namibia the USA tomorrow.

Belgium wins its first ever game at a Men’s World ChampionshipBelgium played the Netherlands today with both teams in this competition for the first time. The Belgium side capitalised on their striking ability and won the match 3:0.

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Picture credit: Stefan Gusenleitner / Faustball Austria