In order to promote gender equality in Fistball the IFA Board of Directors established in its meeting on 4 June a Gender Equality Policy to support the equal representation of all genders at a volunteer and professional level within the IFA structures.

Achieving gender equity in Fistball will take time and patience. A step-by-step process from initial consideration, to starting a discussion, to implementing a strategy to promote gender equity is a long road, but it’s necessary and worth starting this journey.

In 2021, the IFA presented for the first time a Gender Equality Toolkit that provides information on gender equality and ideas/strategies specifically for Fistball organizers to make events more gender equitable.

Furthermore, the board approved a proposal to the Extraordinary IFA 2022 Congress on 3 July 2022 1:30 p.m. (CET) to include a link to the new Gender Equality Policy in the updated IFA Statues in fulfilling the IFA Strategic Plan.