The International Fistball Association, Swiss Fistball and TSV Jona are currently in a regular exchange. All parties are exploring the possibility of holding the 2021 Women’s Fistball World Championship in Jona, Switzerland. During the Fistball match between Switzerland and Austria at the beginning of August, a first on-site visit took place, during which the possible sports facilities and the necessary infrastructure were inspected. The planned date of the World Championship in Jona would be from 13-17 July 2021. According to an official announcement of the World Championship, the national associations should have the option to register their teams by 30 November.

After two substitute hosting cities for the next Women’s World Championship had to be cancelled, IFA initiated talks with TSV Jona and Swiss Faustball. “Hardly any other Fistball club in the world has such an ideal infrastructure as TSV Jona. We have to plan for the World Championship in scenarios with and without spectators now. TSV Jona can fulfill both requirements very well due to the existing infrastructure in the soccer stadium and the Fistball stadium without having to invest in temporary stands. In addition, the club around President Martin Grögli and his team has a wide range of experience in the realization of major events. We have also adapted the catalog of requirements for the organizer accordingly. It shall be a ‘World Championship of Solidarity’, where everyone will and must make their contribution”, says IFA President Jörn Verleger.

“We are very pleased about the trust placed in us by IFA. We are seriously considering the organization of the World Championship and it would be an honor to be the host again 15 years after the last Women’s World Championship in Jona. We have already made an expression of interest to the Federal Office for Sports BASPO. Our internal organization team has also been established with the main resorts. Financing the event is currently still the biggest difficulty,” says TSV Jona President Martin Grögli.

“We are working on the financing together with the city, canton and federal government”

The biggest challenge for such a short-term takeover of the World Championship is the financing, as the calculation must include a worst-case scenario without spectators. Without public subsidies such a scenario would be unthinkable. The responsible bodies are therefore holding intensive discussions with the Swiss Gymnastics Federation, the federal government, the canton of St. Gallen and the city of Rapperswil-Jona. “Only when all results will be positive, we can make a final decision, which will probably take until the middle or at the most until the end of October”, says Martin Grögli, President of TSV Jona.

“Swiss Faustball supports the efforts of TSV Jona to one hundred percent. Together with the STV, we have approached the relevant authorities. With the Women’s World Championship in 2021, Switzerland would once again be the host for a major Fistball event after the Men’s World Championship in Winterthur 2019. I know that TSV Jona is capable of organizing an unforgettable Fistball festival, even with the short lead time,” Swiss Faustball President Franco Giori is confident.

Since 4 players from TSV Jona could represent the Swiss team, the motivation within the club is twice as high. “Above all, we want to offer a great Fistball stage for our female players. To win a medal at a World Championship in your own country is always something special,” Grögli concluded.