Daily Summary – Sunday, 23 July

The preliminary round of the fistball tournament at The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw is a tight affair: four teams – Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Brazil – are head-to-head with six points each before the last preliminary round matches tomorrow. Due to inclement weather, the competition was paused for two hours during lunchtime, and continued on court 2.

Germany – Chile 3:0 (11:09, 11:04, 11:00)
Following the loss of attacker Patrick Thomas due to injury and a rather poor start into the tournament, Germany has bounced back in their match against Chile. The German team increasingly took things under control, and won the third set without losing a point.

Switzerland – Argentina 3:0 (11:05, 11:08, 11:02)
The Swiss national team also boosted its performance in its match against Argentina. Before the game, both teams had to show patience – due to the inclement weather, the match was postponed for about two hours, and held on court 2. The Swiss team kept control throughout the game, and drove home a 3:0 sets win.

Brazil – Chile 3:2 (10:12, 13:11, 08:11, 11:07, 11:05)
The game between the South American teams from Brazil and Chile went over the full distance. The Seleção continued to show its strong form in the tournament. However, at first Chile had things under control. As in their match against Austria, the Chilean squad took the first set. The Brazil then equalized by winning set two with 13:11. The match continued to be a nail-biter with spectacular scenes on both sides, in which the Brazilian team eventually had the upper hand.

Austria – Argentina 3:0 (11:03, 11:04, 11:09)
In their first match of the day, the Austrians delivered a strong performance. With Jean Andrioli, Martin Pühringer and Gustav Gürtler the squad of coach Martin Weiß took the lead early on and won the first two sets clearly. The Argentinian team bounced back in set three, however Austria kept things under control and drove home a 3:0 win.

Germany – Brazil 3:1 (10:12, 11:03, 11:07, 11:05)
In the fifth match of the day, two of the favorites for the title faced each other – Brazil and Germany. The Seleção, which had so far been undefeated in the tournament, lost its first match. Germany’s attack around captain Fabian Sagstetter and Lukas Schubert scored many points, while the Brazilian defense – in the match against Chile an absolute stronghold – increasingly lost its grip on the game.

Switzerland – Austria 3:1 (12:10, 11:05, 08:11, 11:08)
In the last match of day two, the Austrian team, which had led the interim standings yesterday, played against neighbor Switzerland. The spectators witnessed chances on both sides, with the Austrians winning one set. However, in the end Switzerland with a strong Raphael Schlattinger had the upper hand and secured a 3:1 sets victory.