U18 WC 2021

The Fistball Under-18 World Championships have been hosted for male youth since 2003 and female youth since 2006.

IFA awarded the IFA 2021 U18 Men’s and Women’s World Championships to Austria. The Youth event is carried out for the first time ever in Austria. The U18 competition will be held together with the U21 Men’s European Championship.

Sportunion Grieskirchen in Austria will be hosting the U18 World Championships for men and women in 2021. Grieskirchen is a highly experienced host and gets strong support from its local government and regions, respectively. Grieskirchen carried out the 2016 Men’s European Championship and set new standards in our sport. This time, it will be Grieskirchen’s premiere to host a worldwide Fistball Youth event.

All information on www.faustballu18wm.at

IFA 2018 Fistball U18 World Championship USA

The 8th IFA Fistball U18 Men´s World Championship took place from July 11th to 15th 2018 in Roxbury, New Jersey (United States) at the same time as the World Championship of the female youth u18. The United States hosted a Youth Fistball World Championship for the first time. The German team of the male U18 was the defending champion after a 4-2 victory over Austria at the 2016 World Championship in Nuremberg, Germany.

See pictutres, teams and results.


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