The postponement of the Olympics to 2021 may have a significant impact on IFA and EFA 2021 event calendar as the date of The World Games 2021 in Birmingham (Alabama/USA) might be under revision.

The Fistball family is waiting to receive more detailed information from International World Games Association (IWGA) and will provide an update as soon as possible. Health and safety of athletes, coaches, spectators, organizers and volunteers are our number one priority.

Together the two Fistball umbrella organizations are about to prepare a joint decision for the upcoming events. This decision shall be taken by the EFA Board of Directors on 3 April and by the IFA Board of Directors’ Skype meeting on 4 April and shall concern all major Fistball events of the upcoming 6 months.
This includes the EFA 2020 European Men´s Championships in Kaltern (ITA), the IFA 2020 Fistball World Tour Final in Birmingham (Alabama/USA) and the IFA 2020 Fistball U18 World Championships in Grieskirchen (AUT).