SALZBURG. At the Fistball World Tour Final in Salzburg the matchups for the Medal games are determined. The home team from Vöcklabruck narrowly missed the Gold Medal match losing to defending champion Novo Hamburgo (BRA).

Pure excitement in the Brazil derby – Upset win for SOGIPA female team
The big favorite and defending champion Duque de Caxias (BRA) was put to the test in the semi-final against second Brazilian team SOGIPA Porto Alegre. The young team from Porto Alegre showed their best fistball skills and returned the favor for the semi-final defeat last year with an emotional 3-1 victory. In the second semifinal European Champions Cup winner Dennach from Germany made short work with the Swiss representative from TSV Jona. Thus, the Gold Medal Match is played SOGIPA Porto Alegre against TSV Dennach.

Semi-Final Match TSV Dennach (GER) vs. TSV Jona (SUI) – 14 Sep 2019 at the IFA 2019 Fistball World Tour Final in Salzburg, Austria, Photo by Valentin Weber / IFA

Novo Hamburgo preserves title chance after thriller
In the first men’s semi-final Vöcklabruck challanged the defending champion Novo Hamburgo from Brazil where both teams showed a strong performance. Fueled by the numerous fans, the Austrians were able to defend no less than four match balls. However, Novo Hamburgo kept their nerves up in a match on the highest level and entered the Gold Medal Match with much cheers. There they meet the German champion TSV Pfungstadt, who impressively showed their class and defeated Duque de Caxias 3-0.

Semi-Final Match SG Novo Hamburgo (BRA) vs. Union Tigers Voecklabruck (AUT) – 14 Sep 2019 at the IFA 2019 Fistball World Tour Final in Salzburg, Austria, Photo by Valentin Weber / IFA

Results Semi-Finals Women‘s:

Duque de Caxias (BRA) – SOGIPA Porto Alegre (BRA)
1:3 (10:12, 11:08, 09:11, 10:12)

TSV Dennach (GER) – TSV Jona (SUI)
3:0 (11:07, 12:10, 11:09)

Results Semi-Finals Men‘s

SG Novo Hamburgo (BRA) – Union Tigers Vöcklabruck (AUT)
3:1 (11:08, 11:06, 10:12, 15:13)

TSV Pfungstadt (GER) – Duque de Caxias (BRA)
3:0 (11:09, 11:09, 11:05)

Schedule Day 3 – Sunday 2019-09-14

12:00     Women’s Bronze Medal               Duque de Caxias              TSV Jona

13:15     Men’s Bronze Medal                      Tigers Vöcklabruck          Clube Duque de Caxias

14:30     Women’s Gold Medal                    Sogipa Porto Alegre        TSV Dennach

16:00     Men’s Gold Medal                          SG Novo Hamburgo        TSV Pfungstadt

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