After a 2-year break because of the worldwide COVID19-pandemic the IFA Fistball World Tour will re-start in 2022 again.
In the last full edition more than 115 registered club teams and 29 hosts from 5 continents prove that the IFA Fistball World Tour was very successful.

As we try to improve the World Tour step by step and year by year, we once again offer an adopted version to the Fistball community for 2022.

The biggest modifications are which we already implemented in the cancelled World Tour 2020:
– Reduction to 3 tournament categories: Major – IFA 500 – IFA 250
– Only the best 5 tournament results per team will find their way into the WT ranking
– No more downgrading – the category is fixed for this season. Restrictions would affect the following year

The quality criteria for the tournament categories in 2022 can also be found in the Tournament registration form below or here: TOURNAMENT CRITERIA 2022

HOST REGISTRATION (until 30 November 2021):
Hosts can register their tournaments from now on until 30 November 2021 by using the following link:

Right after this process, a full list of tournaments will be published in the Middle of December.

CLUB TEAM REGISTRATION (until 15 January 2022):
Club teams can register for the Fistball World Tour season 2020 until 15 January 2022 by using the following link:

We are looking forward to a great re-start of the IFA World Tour in 2022.