We asked a young Indian fistball player about fistball in India. Here’s his story:

Hello readers! You are welcome to know about the sport fistball in India. I’m Vivek . We really like the sport fistball. We really require a peace of mind and need to be quick and it’s a tactical sport. We just love playing this sport. We have 29 states in India and fistball is played in almost all parts. Many people are interested in this sport and we face a lot of competition to get selected for the Indian Fistball Team. To our surprise, even our parents join our games. So they are present outside the court and pretend to play fistball alongside us. Mr. Parag Wankhede is the secretary for the Indian fistball team. He’s a very good person and also really interested in uplifting the sport all over India.

Mr. Prethwiraj Vadakumpuram is the Indian team coach. He’s also a wonderful person. He’s from Kerala but lives in Andhra Pradesh where I live as well. Mr. Prethwiraj was the one who started this sport in our school and trained us well. He always keeps us on cloud nine and his classes are very motivating. He’s a good athlete. Not only these two people – there are many across India who are ready to help us at any point of time. Thank you to everybody who has helped us up till now. To this day, we have had 10 National Championships in our country. Almost all of the states are actively participating in these Championships. They are conducted in different places in India all the time and are a good experience for us. We get to know many things about other places through fistball. Our Indian team participated in the Asian Championships in 2014. We came second


Karan Sethi, Manohar Gollamandala, Jagarapu Prasad, Hemesh Sanisetty, Sachin Dasari, Prethwiraj Vadakumpuram (Coach), Kevin, Vivek Chintha, Vijay Rohit

It was a really good experience for us and it was a great pleasure for us to meet Mr. Bernd Hoeckel. He’s a good coach and also a good player. We enjoyed the training session he gave us for a day. We are happy to have qualified for the World Cup which takes place in Argentina! Argentina, we are eagerly waiting to visit you and to participate in the competition. I hope there will be really tough competition as it’s very tough out there, but we will try our best and to the fistballers of different nations: All the best to you all and we will meet soon.

And who is he?


(Vivek Chinta and IFA’s Bernd Hoeckel)

Hello! I’m Vivek. I want to introduce myself to you and tell you about my involvement in the sport fistball. I’m a football player and an athlete. As there was a national championship for fistball and as I used to play this as my recreation game I went to the nationals. Later on I was selected for the Indian Fistball Team. I felt very happy to be part of this. Now I’m 17. I started to play fistball when I was 14. I started to love this sport and I feel very relieved while playing fistball. I’m a defender on the right. That’s my position. I come from Andhra Pradesh in India.

We have many players from India too. I started as a runner in the National Championships and regarded my studies highly. I’m studying engineering. And friends, yes I’m an Indian. I even possess another nationality too and that is fistball and I hope I’m one amongst the world of fistballers. I feel very happy about this. Let’s develop fistball more all over the world. Even people in Antarctica must talk about us and about this sport. I know cricket is being centralised more but that’s not a big problem. My support is there for you all the time. Finally I will tell you I don’t play handball. I play fistball and I’m proud to proclaim it in the presence of you all.


Vivek Chinta’s Fistball Certificate of 2013