Following the principles of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) IFA Executive Committee has adopted the IFA Test Distribution Plan 2015 including a Testing Pool (TP) of 9 athletes based on the team results of the prior IFA World Championships plus a team member of the IFA World Championship hosting country federation. IFA thanks these athletes to make its testing program more efficient and intelligent.

Female athletes (4):
 Ines Mayr (AUT)
 Katharina Lackinger (AUT)
 Annika Bösch (GER)
 Sonja Pfrommer (GER)

Male athletes (5):
 Juan Manuel Mascali (ARG)
 Stefan Wohlfahrt (AUT)
 Rodrigo Sprandel (BRA)
 Fabian Sagstetter (GER)
 Mario Kohler (SUI)

IFA is doing Out-of-Competition testing (OOCT) as urine test and blood test as well as In-Competition testing (ICT). One of the main target events for 2015 is the upcoming 14th IFA Men’s World Championship dated 14 to 22 November in Cordoba (ARG) including an online Anti-Doping education tool for the players and coaches.

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