Question & Answer – IFA president Jörn Verleger 🎙

Thank you for all the questions you sent us. Here are the video anwers by Jörn:

• Q1 (0:06): Why there is no decision about the Women’s World Champs by now?
• Q2 (0:37): Why is the U21 Euro 2021 not in Grieskirchen?
• Q3 (1:06): Why is the host city for the World Tour Final 2021 not fixed yet?
• Q4 (1:56) Why is the change in the key date for the eligibility of players at the U21 EURO not the same as for the U18 World Championships?
• Q5 (2:56): What is going to happen with the U18 EURO 2021?
• Q6 (3:56): Tell us about the progress of the IOC Recognition.
• Q7 (4:56) Why are The World Games 2021 postponed by one year? Why are they not moved a few weeks prior to the Olympics?
• Q8 (5:56): How does the current situation affect the U18 World Champs in New Zealand scheduled for 2022?
• Q9 (6:30): Can tournaments still take place as the World Tour Season 2020 is cancelled?
• (7:13): Closing statement (Visit Fistball at Home 💪)