The Fistball Association of South Africa, in conjunction with the International Fistball Association is excited to announce that Cape Town will be hosting South Africa’s first ever Fistball World Cup on the weekend of 14/15 October 2016.
Fistball, one of the world’s oldest team sports and played in over 54 countries including Germany, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, Namibia and South Africa, is a sport similar to volleyball, often dubbed „volleyball on grass“.
The sport is fast paced, athletic, highly competitive and played by all ages – with South Africa entering international competition in 2015 with our national squad, the “Mighty Galjoens” achieving 14th world ranking at the World Men’s Championship in Argentina. At this competition Germany went on to become the world champions. Cape Town’s upcoming tournament represents the ultimate club competition where the best club teams from the European, Asian, American, African and other leagues play for the World Cup. The current world cup holders are TSV Pfungstadt (Germany).
South Africa’s four best teams from previous tournaments include the Goldfisters, North Beach Knuckledusters, Kaapse Fisters and newcomers and recent title holders the “Archbishops”. Based on the outcome of the South African domestic competition later this year South Africa’s best domestic team will face off against the international clubs of TSV Pfungstadt, Clube Merces Santa Felicidade (Brazil), Fist and the Furious (Australia), and Asian and North Amercian club champions in this two day international competition. For more information click here