Thanks to all our volunteers!

Happy International Volunteer Day #IVD #IVD2021 Today, IFA celebrates the International Volunteer Day, to promote volunteering, encourage governments to support volunteer efforts and recognize volunteer contributions towards the SDGs. “Volunteers deserve our heartfelt thanks”, said IFA President Joern Verleger. “As the President of IFA, I would like to thank all volunteers in Fistball on this…

Podcast #43: From the Competition Manager Meeting in Birmingham/Alabama

IFA has had two extremely efficient and constructive days with at the Competition Managers in Birmingham, Alabama! On the way back to the airport Chris and Joern report about the results. #roadtoBHM Many thanks for more than 2500 downloads of our podcast “Fistball Inside” during our first season. “Fistball Inside” is the podcast magazine of…

On tour to promote Alabama

IFA President Jörn Verleger and Secretary General Chris Oberlehner will participate in the Competition Managers Meeting for the World Games 2022 on November 29 and 30 in Birmingham/Alabama. Before that, they will go on a promotional tour through Alabama. The IWGA spots on this tour in their interview of the month. Mr. Verleger: you have…

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