Training Moduls

With the development of training modules for the respective specialist sectors, you can access various training and advanced education offers from the Fistball Academy.

Detailed descriptions of the respective contents in text and pictures as well as in presentations, which are professionally supplemented by video sequences and contributions, ensure an easier and better communication of the described contents in theory and practice at any time.

The modules are especially suitable for teachers and coaches in the new nations to promote and spread the sport of fistball there further on.

Module 1: What is Fistball?

The module introduces the essential basics of the game of fistball and gives a basic overview of the individual techniques, the game idea and rules. It is particularly suitable for the presentation of the sport of fistball and for those interested in learning more about the game.

Module 2: Fundamentals and Basics of Fistball:  Learning Fistball without prior knowledge


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