IFA Logos

Logo Datasheet pdf 2.95 Mb download
IFA Folder pdf 2.95 Mb download
Zip archive zip 12.11 Mb download


IFA Anti Doping Rules pdf 751.12 Kb download
IFA Anti-Doping Program Consent Form pdf 751.12 Kb download

Address Liste

Address Liste pdf 569 Kb download


International Schedule 2021 – 2023 (Stand 31.08.2021) pdf 258.38 Kb download

Regularities for IFA National Team Events

Reglement – World Championship pdf 103.31 Kb download
Reglement – World Games pdf 38.10 Kb download

Regularities for IFA Club Events

Reglement World Tour Finale (German) pdf 313 Kb download
Reglement World Tour Finals (English) pdf 305 Kb download

Link to the page of the European Fistball Association with all Reglements for the EFA Events


Competition Rules pdf 108.83 Kb download
Competition Rules – (Interpretation of Art. 3.2 “Membership in a National Association” pdf 145.28 Kb download
IFA World Championship Selection and Qualification Criteria pdf 145.28 Kb download


RULES – GERMAN (valid 01.04.2019) pdf 160.21 Kb download
RULES – ENGLISH (valid 01.04.2019) pdf 160.21 Kb download
RULES – FRENCH pdf 160.21 Kb download
RULES – PORTUGUESE pdf 160.21 Kb download
RULES – SPANISH pdf 160.21 Kb download


IFA-Fistballs – Permitted Models (valid 1 April 2020) pdf 582.77 Kb download

IFA Development Program

IFA-Development Program – Membership Benefits pdf 582.77 Kb download

Women fistball


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