The IFA U18 Fistball World Championships will take place in Switzerland in July 2026. The event will be hosted by Swiss Fistball and organized by the Turnverein STV Vordemwald at the sports complex in Reiden (canton of Lucerne). The European Women’s Fistball Championships will also be held at the same time.

When the best U18 national male and female youth teams come together in Llanquihue (Chile) in October/November, everyone involved can expect the biggest U18 Fistball World Championship of all time with a total of 18 teams. The future of the competition has also been decided early on. The next Youth World Championship will take place in Switzerland in 2026. The U18 Fistball World Championship will be held at the sports complex in Reiden in July 2026. The event will be hosted by Swiss Fistball with local organizer Turnverein STV Vordemwald. This was decided unanimously by the Board of Directors of the International Fistball Association (IFA) at its most recent meeting. But that’s not all: the European Women’s Championships will also be held at the same time as the U18 World Championships – guaranteeing a double fistball spectacle in just one place. “Even though the event is still over two years away, the excitement is already huge,” says IFA President Jörn Verleger, looking ahead.”

Turnverein STV Vordemwald: Early start to planning

The World Championships are scheduled to take place from July 23 to 26, 2026, and the Turnverein STV Vordemwald has been planning the event since last summer. “In addition to its sporting activities, the Turnverein STV Vordemwald has organized a major event from time to time in the past,” says Luca Flückiger, who chairs the organizing committee as president: “After the planned gymnastics festival in 2020 could not take place, the club was keen to start planning a new major event. As it had been a while since a major fistball event had taken place, with the preliminary rounds of the 1999 Men’s World Championship, it should now be an event in this area again,” says the former Swiss national fistball player. The decision to bid for the U18 World Championships and the Women’s European Championships was made very quickly.

The sports complex in Reiden, just a few minutes away from Vordemwald, will serve as the venue. A total of three match fields are to be built on the existing grass fields, including a center court with mobile stands. Flückiger: “We are delighted to have been awarded the IFA and EFA for the two events and are already highly motivated to organize a great event for the athletes and all fistball and sports fans from near and far in Reiden in two years.”

Support from Swiss Faustball

The club received support for its bid from the Swiss Fistball Association. “By bidding for and hosting the IFA 2026 U18 Women’s & Men’s World Championship, Swiss Faustball wants to support the initiative of the Turnverein STV Vordemwald to organize the largest junior competition at international level on the one hand and, on the other, to offer the world’s U18 national fistball teams women and men a perfectly organized world championship in junior fistball in 2026 that is both qualitative and fistball-friendly, and thus at the same time a platform for viewing and competition,” says Franco Giori, President of Swiss Faustball: “The sport of fistball should thus be promoted and experienced particularly in Switzerland, but also worldwide. I am very proud and pleased about the trust that the IFA has placed in Swiss Fistball and the organizer Turnverein STV Vordemwald by awarding the U18 World Championships.”

Joint event with Women’s European Championship as highlight

The International Fistball Association is delighted to be able to present a host for the U18 World Championship at such an early stage. “The Turnverein STV Vordemwald actively approached us last autumn and signaled its interest in organizing the event,” says IFA President Jörn Verleger: “Over the past few months, Swiss Fistball and STV have gone through our application process, which also included an evaluation of the application documents by a jury. The fact that the planning is already so far advanced at this early stage has impressed everyone.” In particular, the combination of the U18 World Championship and the Women’s European Championship as a joint event is a great idea that will bring many fistball enthusiasts together. Verleger: “We are convinced that we will experience a great event with the U18 World Championship and the Women’s European Championship, which will strengthen the sport of fistball in the long term.”