2×2 Fistball

Rules of 2×2 Fistball (short version)
The spirit of the game requires no umpire. In addition to the Rules of Fistball as valid 1 April 2020, the following rules apply:
Two players per team (without substitutes). Alternate touches are therefore permitted.

The entire pitch with run-out zone is 30m x 15m in size and is divided into two parts by a 180cm high net. The court sized 10m x 3m is centered in the pitch. A line separates the court into two halves. During a rallye the ball can touch the whole own half (=court AND run-out) but must hit the ground within the oppo-nent’s court when returned.

Blocks and attempted blocks are forbidden.

Following a fault, the serve passes to the team that has made the point. The serve must be carried out from behind the baseline. The court’s baseline is the service line. Defensive action above net level is only allowed after the ball bounced in the own court for the first time. The ball’s weight is 230g and its circumference is 59 centimeters.

The official World Championship ball is available at www.faustball-shop.com at a special price of 22.50 €. The standard shipping costs 4.90 € within the EU. Starting from 300.00 € order value a forwarding expenses-free supply takes place.

2×2 fistball as second IFA discipline

The IFA Board of Directors elected in Winterthur 2019 has adopted a strategic plan for the period 2019-2023. This plan envisages the development of new fistball formats/an urban fistball discipline. IFA President Jörn Verleger sees the development of 2×2 fistball, which can also be played on another surface, e.g. on a basketball court, as an attractive fistball variant, especially for countries that do not have sufficient natural grass. “I am sure that we can win further fistball nations with 2×2 fistball, as it is even easier for newcomers to the game in terms of the number of games and the surface,” says Verleger.


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