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The Forum of the Faustball Academy is intended to provide and support constantly new impulses for the future, worldwide and sustainable development of the sport of fistball. Information about current developments and news about the Fistball Academy can be found here.

Here you can also find announcements of current information about new training videos or training modules as well as about upcoming events of the Fistball Academy such as education and training measures, seminars, workshops, etc.

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Second academy training module now online

As already announced, the second training module of the Faustball Academy is now available. This module gives you a good insight into how to learn and teach fistball without any previous knowledge. The focus of this training module is on learning the basic techniques in beginner’s training or in school sports through purely playful exercises…

Training platform “United by Fistball” online

The “Fistball at Home” initiative started by Swiss Faustball has shown how pioneering and creative learning videos with tips and hints for fistball training can be. With the “United by Fistball” training platform, this initiative is being continued as part of the further development of the Fistball Academy, where in the future a wide spectrum…

Julia Govinden Speaker at the IFA Youth Congress

This Wednesday the IFA Youth Congress will take place virtually for the first time. Participants from all over the world will receive exciting information on current developments in fistball. IFA President Jörn Verleger and Secretary General Christoph Oberlehner will give an overview of the current activities of the IFA and fistball in general. One of…


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