Good Governance

The International Fistball Association (IFA) is the world governing body for all Fistball sports being responsible for the Promotion and Development of Fistball around the world. The IFA acknowledges the principles of the Olympic Charter, the Olympic Agenda 2020 and the Basic Principles of Good Governance as established by the IOC and contributes actively to their execution. The IFA admits the principles of a free democratic basic order and safeguards the sport of Fistball against all forms of violence, discrimination and illegal betting and match fixing.

Strategic Plans

IFA Strategic Plan 2019-2023

IFA Strategic Plan 2016-2019

IFA Strategic Plan 2011-2015

IFA 2019 Congress

Invitation IFA 2019 Congress

Final invitation IFA 2019 Congress

Minutes of the Board of Directors (2015 – 2019)

IFA Board Minutes 03.03.2019

IFA Board Minutes 02.02.2019

IFA Board Minutes 05.01.2019

IFA Annual Report 2018

IFA Board Minutes 04.11.2018

IFA Board Minutes 10.02.2018

IFA Annual Report 2017

IFA Board Minutes 01.10.2017

IFA Board Minutes 17.06.2017

IFA Board Minutes 25.02.2017

IFA Annual Report 2016

IFA Board Minutes 15.12.2016

IFA Board Minutes 24.05.2016

IFA Board Minutes 02.02.2016

IFA Annual Report 2015

Rules and Policies

IFA Statutes 2019

IFA Standing Orders 2018

IFA Juridical Regulations 2019

IFA Code of Ethics 2015

IFA Code of Conduct on Sports Betting Integrity 2016

IFA Rules against illegal and irregular betting and match-fixing 2016

IFA Conflict of Interest Policy 2015

IFA Guidelines for the Conduct of the Athletes 2015

IFA Anti-Harassment Policy 2016

IFA Honorary Order 2019

IFA Athletes´ Commission Election Procedure 2019

Congress Files

IFA-20160113-Cogress 2015-minutes

IFA activity report 2011 – 2015

Financial Reports

Audit Report 2016

Finacial Report 2016

Audit Report 2015

Finacial Report 2015

Auditors’s Report IFA 2011 – 2014

IFA Financial Statement 2011 – 2014

IFA Financial Statement 2007 – 2010


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