Fistball is a team sport played by 2 teams.

A Fistball game is controlled by a referee, who is assisted by two lines referee. The referee has sole decision-making power. The responsibility of the refereeing team is to apply the Fistball rules, in order to have a Fair Play for both teams.

The International Referee commission is the IFA worldwide body responsible for support the IFA Fistball sports commission with the best solutions and persons regarding Fistball refereeing. Referee commission is also responsible for determining the standards of the referee’s quality performance and to establish an evaluation methodology worldwide.

The International Fistball Referee body is composed of an “International Referee Commission”, their continental commissions and the international referees. Nowadays there are about 70 IFA referees.

All National fistball referees can achieve an international referee level, however, only after a practical evaluation is aligned and conducted by the IFA International Referee standards.


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