Fistball – a sport for all!

As an amateur sport, fistball has a responsibility to provide a welcoming, open, and also family-oriented environment, especially for grassroots sports. The idea of “Sport for all – a sport for everyone” is central to the philosophy and mission of the IFA and that is exactly what the sport of fistball should represent. The fistball community invites everyone to become part of this large, worldwide fistball family to practice and live the sport together.

Not only in our values is the integration of all and the promotion of the sport for all spirit a huge goal. Also in the strategic plan of the IFA, the sport for all movement has a very high value. Thus, the IFA tries to make sport accessible to everyone through traditional but also new, innovative projects and events. Concrete examples of Sport for all activities and events of the IFA are:
2×2 Fistball with the 2×2 Fistball World Championship
IFA CSIT 2021 Fistball Amateurs World Championships
– IFA Masters
IFA Academy with training modules
– Amateur Events in the course of the TAFISA World Games
Youth Congresses

Almost all of these projects and events are free of charge. Furthermore, activities are offered online as well as offline and in different languages.

As an international organization, we see it as our duty to motivate National Federations and partners to promote and expand Sport for all activities and projects in order to make sport tangible and, above all, accessible to a broad popularity to increase participation.

No matter what age group, religion, skin color or continent you belong to, fistball is a sport for all!


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