The “Fistball at Home” initiative started by Swiss Faustball has shown how pioneering and creative learning videos with tips and hints for fistball training can be.

With the “United by Fistball” training platform, this initiative is being continued as part of the further development of the Fistball Academy, where in the future a wide spectrum of instructional videos and training ideas from experienced coaches and players from around the world will be made available to everyone – from beginners to professionals.

This enables us to provide suggestions and support for a varied training in the core countries of fistball, but also to show the new fistball nations new possibilities for clubs and coaches. On our IFA homepage you can already find some examples.

The structuring of the videos in different categories as well as in different levels of difficulty makes it easy to find new ideas for your training.

This part of the Fistball Academy is already supported by an internationally experienced training and coaching team. Rahel Schreiber (Head of training at Swiss Faustball), Martin Weiss (Training consultant and association coach at Fistball Austria) and Christian Sondern (School sports representative of Deutsche Faustball-Liga) coordinate the various tasks related to the platform and are your contact persons.

We will continuously update the platform with training videos in all areas and for all. Therefore, videos of coaches, players or fistball fans can of course be sent to us. Are you interested? Contact Uwe Schneider, chair of the IFA youth commission by mail:

Support us in the development of “United by Fistball” – because fistball unites us all !