Joern and Chris analyzing the results of the Austrian Fistball Champs last weekend and discussing some proposal to promote Fistball better. Furthermore, first information about the 2×2 World Champs in Leipzig next year. The episode was recorded on the 18th of September 2020.

“Fistball Inside” is the podcast magazine of the International Fistball Association. IFA President Joern Verleger and Secretary Chris Oberlehner analyze every week the latest news from the world of Fistball. The first edition of the podcast was recorded end of July 2020. All editions are also available on Spotify.

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Episiode #07:
The results of the German Fistball Champs in Kellinghusen and the Swiss Fistball Champs in Widnau as well as an outlook on the weekend´s finals in Austria.

Episode #06:
This time it is only a very brief update on this week´s activities, the CSIT World Games and an update concerning the Fistball Women´s World Champs next year.

Episode #05: We are talking about
– the International German Gymnastics Festival next year in Leipzig,
– the United through Sports Virtual Festival and
– in our category Fistball History about the 25th aniversary Fistball Men´s World Championships in Namibia 1995.

Episode #04: Only 6 days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 1972 in Munich, the second Men’s Fistball World Championships took place in Germany for the first time. A total of 8.700 spectators watched the 29 matches of the 7 participating nations. We talk in this episode with the 1972 Fistball World Champion Peter Sievers, a former IFA Vice President until 1991 and IFA Honorary Member, who was part of the successful German Team in Schweinfurt.