We are looking back on another year with great Fistball sport, plenty of activities and great initiatives from the Fistball family.

10 nominations from 9 countries are on the short list for the IFA 2023 ACTIVITY AWARD:

– Fistball Federation of Australia: 2023 was a major milestone year for the Fistball Federation of Australia – celebrating 10 years of Australian Fistball, in July Australia competed in their 3rd IFA Men’s Fistball World Championship and in December, the first Australian National Championships were held. And its only 10 years since the start.
– FBC ASKÖ Linz-Urfahr: A very interesting exhibition was designed about the clubs successes and acting players 1971 – 2023 presented at the Austrian Final 3 in February 2023.
– CLUBE DUQUE DE CAXIAS: 2nd World Tour Final host in row
– Fistball Denmark: short-term host for European U19 champs and European Youth Cup 2023
– Faustball Deutschland: initiative “Fistball can do more” and renaming Faustball Deutschland
– Fabian Mondl: mini documentary “The pitch for the SAP Arena”. Turf master Thomas Büchner explains how the turf gets into the arena. “A task that we don’t have every day”.
– Dominik Mondl, the Institute for Sport and Sports Science (ISSW) Heidelberg and the World Championship 2023 Organizing Committee of Faustball² e.V.: Schools Day Fistball at MWC 2023 with almost 2.000 people
– Fistball Association of Hong Kong China: Eleven teams from six primary schools participated in the inaugural Faustball Primary School Championship 2023, a championship not just about competition but also about building strong friendship and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
– Fistball Federation of India: 10th sub-junior inter district Fistball championship.
– The Kempf Family from Timaru New Zealand: The sport of Fistball in New Zealand has been firmly associated with the name Kempf for a number of years. As players, Jesse and Samuel Kempf are pillars of the national team, their father René Kempf is coach of the men’s NZ team and the driving force behind the “South Canterbury Social Fistball League” together with Samuel. And last but not least, Bronwyn, wife and mother, who acts as a good spirit in the background and is responsible for press relations. A true example for “Fistball that’s Family”.

Who do you think should win the award?

See IFA AWARD ceremony on World Fistball Day 30th of January at 8.00 p.m. (European Time) on www.youtube.com/@IFAFistballChannel