The UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2021 from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This year’s event is giving EveryBody the most visually, stunning and epic experience.
Everything is on one platform, the competitions, the workshops, conferences, youth ambassadors, opening conference and the list goes on. It is the true virtual environment.

For the next 7days watch the youth competition in Max Fit, Aero Fit, IPC Inclusive Challenge and the Unified Fitness Challenge.

To view all activities during the World Virtual Youth Festival you have to register and login via the ONLINE platform via:

Once you have entered the virtual platform; you will arrive in the Lobby and you can navigate where you want to go to.

Click on the blue menu bar at the top of the page or click on the wording to select one the activities that you want to visit.

* COMPETITONS: Watch the kids competing in Max Fit, Aero Fit, Talent, IPC Inclusive Challenge and the Unified Fitness Challenge.

* FESTIVAL EVENTS: Join the 4 Live Workshops, the Launch of the Festival, the Opening Conference, one of the 6 Conference sessions, the Closing Ceremonies, and many Medal Ceremonies.

* YOUTH AMBASSADORS: Enjoy more than 100 videos with inspiring messages from our UTS Youth Ambassadors.

* EXHIBITION: Visit one the 13 virtual booth and learn about the different cities/organisations.

It is super easy! Click HERE to watch our tutorial video to guide you through the platform.


The first 2 workshops on Saturday:
The Inclusion Revolution and Global Values
UTS Ambassadors Cultivate Community

Workshops Continue on Sunday with:
IOC Young Leaders: Building a Better World Through Sport
Towards the Future and Clean Sport

DON’T FORGET, participating in all the 4 workshops will get you are super cool certificate and maybe even a surprise gift.


To find out more about the festival visit: or to discuss further email