Did you know that already the first Fistball players qualified at IFA 2023 Fistball Men’s World Championship in Mannheim to compete in Chengdu?

4 out of 8 teams are already qualified: Germany, Austria, Brazil and Switzerland!

IFA World Games selection and qualification criteria

The qualification mode, which was already decided in 2018, first provides for a qualification of the continental champions, provided that at least 3 teams participate in this continental championship. If we assume three continental championships as well as a host starting place for China, currently only the TOP 4 teams of the World Championships are definitely qualified for the World Games.

If the continental champion e.g. for Europe comes from these TOP 4, place 5 moves up. If Brazil wins the South American Championship, place 6 moves up and so on.

This procedure was chosen in order to have representatives from at least three continents at the World Games.

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