The International Fistball Association has launched the bidding process for upcoming international fistball events. Interested candidates can register now.

Offering the best men’s teams in the world a big stage, promoting young talent with the U18 World Championships at their first major international event or welcoming the best club teams in the world to the World Tour Finals – the Club World Cup: The International Fistball Association (IFA) has launched the bidding process for the organization of five events. Interested clubs, associations and cooperations can now submit their interest in organizing the Men’s World Championship, the U18 World Championships 2026 and the World Tour Finals 2025 to 2027.

Transparent bidding process

“We want to enable a fair and transparent awarding of major fistball events,” explains IFA Secretary General Christoph Oberlehner. This is one of the reasons why the association has set up a six-stage bidding process. During the bidding process, all applicants must answer a questionnaire with various key topics. A jury then decides on the award based on a points system. “We want to take the time to get in touch with all potential organizers during this process and talk to them about ideas and plans,” says Oberlehner. The first step is only the basic interest in hosting an event.

After two events took place this year with the Men’s Fistball World Championships in Mannheim (Germany) and the Men’s and Women’s World Tour Finals in Curitiba (Brazil) in October, three IFA events are firmly planned for 2024 – and have now also been scheduled. These include the U18 World Championships in Chile (October 31 to November 2) and the Women’s World Championships in Argentina (November 7 to 10). “Our aim is to fix the events at an early stage and thus give everyone planning security,” says Sönke Spille, who has been Head of Events at IFA since September: “We want to act as a point of contact for interested organizers, eliminate uncertainties and support them on the way to bidding for and hosting the event.”


Six-stage application process with timetable

The following events have been announced for the period from 2025 to 2027

  • IFA Fistball World Tour Finals 2025
  • IFA Fistball World Championships U18 Men & U18 Women 2026
  • IFA Fistball World Tour Finals 2026
  • IFA Fistball Men’s World Championship 2027
  • IFA Fistball World Tour Finals 2027

The bidding process for the five international Fistball events is divided into a total of six stages:

  1. expression of interest in bidding for one of the events (by 15 January 2024)
  2. contact by IFA with all interested parties to discuss the event concept (as soon as interest is submitted)
  3. presentation of the event concept in a questionnaire (by 20 March 2024)
  4. evaluation of the application documents by the IFA jury (25 to 31 March 2024)
  5. awarding of the event by the IFA Presidium (6 April 2024)
  6. signing of the event contract (2 weeks after board meeting)

If you have any questions, please contact Sönke Spille, IFA Head of Events, by e-mail ( at any time.