Yesterday, Saturday, May 15th, IFA, SF and the OC conducted a meeting. SF and OC have pointed out that due to the epidemiological pandemic and the associated regulatory requirements, the Women’s World Championship will most likely not be able to take place in July 2021.

“With great regret we have to take note that the Swiss authorities do not (yet) allow the Fistball national teams, especially the teams from South America, to enter Switzerland without quarantine at this point. A mandatory quarantine for teams would not be reasonable,” said IFA President Jörn Verleger.

Further decisions by the Swiss authorities have been announced for May 26. Therefore, on May 26th, there will also be a final decision by the organizers IFA, SF and OC whether to conduct the World Championships in 2021 or not.

“We would like to continue to encourage all teams to prepare for a 2021 World Championships in Switzerland, even if the chances for the World Championships in July do not currently look particularly good,” said IFA Secretary General Christoph Oberlehner.