Final: Germany vs. Switzerland 4:2 (8:11, 11:3, 7:11, 11:6, 11:8, 11:8)

Germany Defends Title

Excellent weather, a stunning venue and a great atmosphere with packed grandstands: everything was set for a fantastic final of the 20th Fistball Men’s European Championship when the two contenders – defending champion Germany and Switzerland – entered the Centre Court. And the audience saw world-class fistball in an exciting game.

Switzerland opened the match with a serve by Ueli Rebsamen and quickly pulled ahead, winning the first match with 11:8. The German team bounced back and took set two with 11:3. In set three, the Swiss squad had again the upper hand, scoring an 11:7 set win. In set four, the teams were head to head until 5:5 when Germany seized control and won the set (11:6), putting the preliminary result to 2:2 in sets.

While the German team kept control in sets five (11:8) and six (11:8), the Swiss team kept its spirits high and pushed hard until the very last rally. Eventually, Germany drove home a 4:2 sets victory, defending its title. “The Swiss made a great game. It was a very, very tough job“, said German head coach Olaf Neuenfeld after the final.

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