From 14-16 July the annual Leondinger Open tournament took place. At a hot 36 degrees Celsius, numerous teams from Brazil, Austria, New Zealand and Poland played unbelievably exciting matches.

The tournament started on Friday with an exhibition in preparation for the upcoming big events. The men’s national teams from Brazil and New Zealand as well as the Austrian U21 national team used the opportunity to prepare for the World Championship in Mannheim (Germany) and the U21 European Championship in Jona (Switzerland).

On day 2 it was showtime for 12 teams in the men’s competition and 8 teams in the women’s competition. Also represented were national teams from Brazil, New Zealand, Austria (U21 women, U18 men) and Poland (women and men).
In the exciting final match of the men’s competition, Brazil Team A won against the team from Urfahr (Austria). Points for the IFA World Tour were awarded to the teams from Grieskirchen (4th place), Froschberg (5th place) and Enns (11th place) (Austria).

In the women’s tournament, the mixed team “Freistadt/New Zealand” took first place, followed by the U21 Team B (Austria). Bronze and 300 points went to the team from Wolkersdorf (Austria). Furthermore, the women from Urfahr (Austria) were able to collect points for the World Tour with their 5th place.