IFA Integrity Officers Theresa Eidenhammer and President Joern Verleger participated in today´s IOC – GAISF Safeguarding Workshop.

The objective of the workshop was to introduce the concept of environmental risk as a key component to the manifestation of abuse in the sports community and to stimulate IFs to consider the opportunity to take meaningful actions towards creating safe sporting environments through organisation risk assessments, mitigation strategies, education and awareness.

Athletes’ safety and wellbeing is a priority and a core value for IFA, in line with its IFA SAFE SPORT POLICY SAFEGUARDING ATHLETES AND PARTICIPANTS FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT AND ABUSE. Within IFA, there is zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or abuse to safeguard the sport of Fistball against all forms of violence and discrimination as IFA cares for the security of the athletes and the spectators.

GAISF Vice President and AIMS President, Stephan Fox stated, “We must continue to take concrete actions, implement safe sport initiatives and create awareness. The Olympic movement must stand together promoting safe sport and protecting all our athletes and youth from any kind of harassment and abuse.”