During the last IFA Board meeting on 1st of October, the body adopted new regulations for the World Tour Finals from 2024 and also the final qualification guidelines for the World Games 2025 in Chengdu.

World Tour Finals:
In the last Board meeting, the IFA Board of Directors dealt with an update of the World Tour Final Regulations. The IFA Board of Directors tasked a working group to address the issue of player eligibility at the World Tour Finals. The purpose of the change is to ensure the fair play of the competition and a longer commitment of players and clubs but not only one tournament. In the future, players must be eligible to play for their new club 5 months (previously one month) before the event.
The IFA Board of Directors unanimously approved the working group’s proposal. In addition, clubs that do not participate in the World Tour Finals despite qualifying will not be banned for the following year. The new regulations already apply to the 2024 World Tour Finals.

Download World Tour Final Regulations

World Games Qualification Guidelines:
The World Games 2025 will be held in Chengdu (CHN). Fistball participates at the World Games with a men’s and women’s competition with eight teams each. The qualification criteria for Fistball have now been slightly adapted in consultation with the International World Games Association compared to the last Games in 2022.
As in Birmingham, teams from at least 3 continents must participate in the competitions in accordance with IWGA regulations. The basis for the qualification guidelines therefore remains the Regional Championships, the winner of which is qualified for the World Games 2025. This is also to underline and increase the value of the Regional Championships. In addition, the IFA Board of Directors may invite the host country to participate in all categories. Remaining starting places will be awarded analogous to the last World Championship result, as has been the case in the past. What is new is that qualified national federations must register for the event within two months after notification of their qualification and pay a deposit.
We wish all teams a successful qualification for the World Games 2025!

Download World Games Selection and Qualification Criteria