The member federations which registered for the IFA 2016 Fistball Women´s World Championship received today the Official Bulletin 2 including a Schedule of the IFA 2016 Fistball Women´s World Championship which will start in 4 weeks with the initial match between hosting nation Brazil and Argentina.

Due to organisational reasons the playing venue has changed. The tournament will now be held at the well known sports and fistball club “Clube Duque de Caxias” which already hosted the Fistball Women´s World Championship 2002. According to the current information regarding visa IFA published the schedule of the tournament played in 2 groups in the preliminary round. Changes may be if Team Pakistan receives visas in due time.

The official website of the IFA 2016 Fistball Women’s World Championship Brazil is http://punhobol2016.com.br/

The Bulletin is also published on the IFA website. LINK