The IFA Fistball World Tour 2024 has successfully arrived in Europe. Following the successful staging of the second Major tournament in Porto Alegre and the first World Tour tournament of the year in Argentina, the first World Tour stop in Europe was also on the program last weekend. This is the start of a whole series of tournaments up to the beginning of May – including two Major tournaments.

Porto Alegre (Major)

SG Novo Hamburgo (men) and SOGIPA/Cargo Way (women) were also unbeatable at the second Major tournament of the year. SOGIPA, winners of the 2023 World Tour, also prevailed at their home tournament after their success the week before. Second place went to Clube Morgenau, who are also SOGIPA’s closest rivals in the current ranking.

SG Novo Hamburgo celebrated in the men’s competition. They relegated Clube Mercês (Brazil), CCAA Rosario (Argentina) and FG Elgg-Ettenhausen (Switzerland) to the next places and thus secured important points for the World Tour ranking.

Rosario (500)

The men from SG Novo Hamburgo were unstoppable not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina. Last year’s World Tour winners beat Clube Mercês in the Brazilian final to win for the fourth time in their fourth tournament appearance. Mercês also currently occupies second place in the IFA rankings (2,000 points). Third place went to CCAA Rosario, who moved up to third place in the overall standings (1,500 points).

A Brazilian team, SOGIPA/Cargo Way, also celebrated at the top of the women’s podium. The team thus extended its lead in the IFA World Tour ranking to 2,750 points. Punta Chica secured second place in Rosario, with CCAA Rosario in third.

Karlsdorf (500)

DSG UKJ Froschberg was the first European team to celebrate victory at an IFA World Tour tournament in 2024. The Austrians beat their German rivals at the traditional European opener in Karlsdorf. Froschberg beat NLV Vaihingen 2:0 (11:9, 11:4) in the final and leapt into the top 10 of the current World Tour rankings with this triumph. Third place was secured by TV Vaihingen/Enz, who won the placement match against TV Schweinfurt-Oberndorf (14:11).

In the women’s competition, TSV Calw came out on top, winning the final against TV Stammheim 18:10, while TV Käfertal won the match for third place against TV Unterhaugstett (12:10).

Elgg (Major)

The first Major tournament in Europe will take place this weekend in Elgg, Switzerland. The 56th International Eulach Tournament will once again provide a top-class field of participants this year. Over 150 teams from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland have entered in a total of ten categories; the men’s and women’s competition is traditionally part of the World Tour as a major event.