Within the last meeting the IFA Board of Directors approved new Fistball – Rules of the Games valid 1 April 2018 with minor changes concerning the weight of junior balls and ball contacts.

The IFA Youth Congress 2016 proposed a change of the ball weight which was also supported by the chairwomen of the IFA Medical and Anti-Doping Commission Dr. Giana Hexsel (BRA) to reducing the number of injuries.

Furthermore the IFA Youth Commission proposed a change of the ball contacts in the age group of U12 from 4 to 3 or 4. Both variations have been integrated in the official IFA Fistball Rules valid 1 April 2018. The final decision concerning the ball contacts should be made by each national federation on it’s own as there are no international championships in theses age groups.

Furthermore in the German versions the (in some cases) used terminology “Damen” or “Herren” has been changed to “Frauen” or “Männer” to be consistent.