From 11 to 13 August, the 64th international Grenzland tournament took place in Widnau (CH).In the categories men’s elite, A, B and seniors, women’s A and B as well as in numerous junior categories, 110 teams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil and Belgium competed for the victories.The annual border tournament opened with an international match between the men’s national teams from Switzerland and Austria.After 6 exciting sets, Austria won this international match.In preparation for the Women’s European Championship from 18-19 August in Grieskirchen (AUT), a women’s international match also took place on Saturday evening. In the end, after a balanced performance, the Swiss national team won 4:1 against the Austrians.

Elite Tournament Men; Day 1

Saturday morning it was showtime for the men’s teams (Elite, A, B and Seniors). In hot temperatures, the first round of the Elite Tournament started. After the first day of play and the group matches of the preliminary round, the top 3 from each of the four groups of 6 qualified for the final round on Sunday. The fourth to sixth-placed teams continued in the “Wasi Cup” on Sunday.

Day 2

12 teams now competed in the final round for a place in the semi-finals/finals. In the first semi-final, the teams from Novo Hamburgo (BRA) and Freistadt (AUT) faced each other. The Brazilians won this semi-final with a clear 2:0 and thus entered the final. The second semi-final was a little closer. The teams from Vöcklabruck (AUT) and Pfungstadt (GER) had an exciting head-to-head race, with the better end for the Tigers from Vöcklabruck.

The final was Vöcklabruck against Novo Hamburgo. Both teams started very strongly in this final and offered the numerous spectators spectacular rallies and moves. Despite set point for Vöcklabruck, the boys from Novo Hamburgo won the first set 12:10. In the second set, the Brazilians were ahead from the start. With a clear 4:11 the deciding set and thus also the victory of the 64th International Borderland Tournament went to the team from Novo Hamburgo. The victory in the Wasi Cup went to the team from Neuendorf (GER), followed by Kremsmünster (AUT) and Widnau. (CH)

After this Major tournament, the cards were also reshuffled in the IFA World Tour Ranking. Novo Hamburgo remains clearly in first place for the time being. Vöcklabruck and Club Merces (BRA) are behind them. UFG Grieskirchen Pötting (AUT) moved up to 4th place after the tournament and the team from Enns (AUT) also made it into the Top 10.

Women’s Tournament 

The women’s competition also started on Sunday. In the A tournament, 12 teams from Switzerland, Austria, Brazil and Germany fought for victory. The Austrian national team of the women and the U21 were also represented. The preliminary round was played in 2 groups of 6 teams each. After the group matches, the first and second placed teams of each group qualified for the semi-finals.

In the first semi-final, the women from Sogipa (BRA) met the women from Kreuzlingen (CH). They finally had to admit defeat to the Brazilians. Sogipa managed to enter the final, as they had done in Jona (CH). After winning the semi-final against the team from Diepoldsau (CH), Dennach also qualified for the final.

In bright sunshine, the two teams from Dennach (GER) and Sogipa then started the final at 14:30. Dennach started very well in the first set and was able to take a good lead at the beginning. The Brazilians, however, did not let the deficit worry them and took the lead from halfway through the first set and won it. The Sogipa women took the momentum from set one into the second set. After strong attacks and defensive actions by both teams and good rallies, Dennach finally had to admit defeat with a score of 2:0. After winning the Major Tournament in Jona, Sogipa also won the second 1000-point tournament in Switzerland.

The Brazilians are now in first place in the IFA World Tour Ranking with a lead of over 1000 points.After this weekend, there have also been some changes in the women’s World Tour Ranking. With a plus of 450 points in Widnau, the young team from Elgg (CH) managed to jump to second place. Two other Swiss teams, Kreuzlingen and Diepoldsau, also moved up in the ranking after the weekend. And the ladies from Dennach are now also in 5th place in the ranking after this weekend.